Pete Davidson Talked About Steve Rannazzisi’s 9/11 Lie On Opie Radio As The News Broke

News broke this morning that Steve Rannazzisi (The League) lied about escaping the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, a story the comedian has been telling since 2009 when he appeared on WTF With Marc Maron. While hearing news like that is shocking for anyone to hear, it especially resonated with at least one person who was directly affected by the terrorist attacks. Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson lost his father that day and addressed the story on Twitter earlier. But he was actually in the Opie Radio studio when the news hit the web.

And Opie’s crew was not exactly as forgiving as Davidson was. Along with co-host Jim Norton, Opie and Davidson discussed the story at length and did not give Rannazzisi an easy time. Davidson, naturally, joked about being “9/11 Boy” because he’s the only guy in the room allowed to do that, and he was easily the most even-keeled person in the room. Probably because he’s unfortunately been able to learn how to expertly handle 9/11-related things.

But then, they queued up the WTF appearance. With Opie, Norton, and Davidson’s twisted play-by-play, it makes Rannazzisi look downright pathological as he tells this story we all now know is fake. And it’s sad, because he has a lot of fans — one of them used to be Pete Davidson.

And then Elijah Wood shows up, but that’s besides the point.

Davidson put it best: this whole thing sucks. (Not you, Elijah Wood.) (via Opie Radio)

And for of what you may have missed…