Joel McHale Fought In A War In The New ‘Street Fighter Red Tape’ Sketch

In the newest “Street Fighter Red Tape” segment on The Pete Holmes Show, Pete interrogates Guile about his questionable military record. Guile is played by Rust Cohle impersonator and Community star Joel McHale, who puts just the right amount of gravel in his voice when he shouts “MURICA!” and tries to start a USA chant in an office building.

Guile’s claim that he fought in “a war” is brought into question, with Pete wondering how a guy who kicks people would survive a gunfight. McHale explains that he’s a veteran of the “No Gun” War of ’63. You know, the one in Europe. But that was back when he was in the Old Navy, fighting under the command of General Mills.

Well, at least we don’t question his patriotism. As Pete Holmes says, “You look like a Toby Keith song f*cked a G.I. Joe.”

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Via Pete Holmes