Former Obama Photographer Pete Souza Takes A Jab At Trump’s Scary ‘Nuclear Button’ Tweet

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Donald Trump came barrelling into 2018 like the dang Kool-Aid Man, firing off a series of nine tweets on Tuesday morning about everything from Crooked Hillary and the so-called “Deep State” to congratulating himself for zero commercial aviation deaths in 2017. But the president wasn’t done there, because several hours later he was back at it again letting loose one particularly scary tweet, once again taunting North Korea’s Kim Jong Un — this time for bragging in his New Year’s address about his “button for nuclear weapons.”

“Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button,” the president tweeted. “But it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

Anyone who thinks it seems as if Trump is becoming increasingly more and more unhinged, jeopardizing thousands if not millions of lives with a single tweet, is probably not alone. Late Tuesday night, Pete Souza, former White House photographer to President Obama, voiced his concern with two succinct Instagram posts — the first expressing the sentiment of what many Americans are feeling in the wake of the president’s latest tweets.

The second was a less subtle of a jab, as Souza ridiculed Trump for actually suggesting that he has a button on his actual desk that could start nuclear war. [Narrator’s voice: “He doesn’t.”]

This of course is not the first time Souza has made his feelings known about Trump. The Obama photog regularly criticizes the president by posting well-timed photos of his former boss contrasting the current administration. After Trump’s initial “Rocket Man” remarks, Souza posted the below snap of the “only one Rocket Man, here meeting with President Obama in 2015.”