Pets on Wheels and Links

07.28.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

More of this.  Less of everything else.

PICTURE ABOVE: Powdered donuts make wheelchair cat go nuts [WarmingGlow]

UPROXX Summer Guide: This Summer’s Essential Listening Pt 1 [Uproxx]

More Comic-Con photos [

UPROXX Summer Guide: Skate 3 [Uproxx]

The Inception music *BWOM* is really just *BWOM*  other music slowed down *BWOMMMM* [Filmdrunk]

The most adorable hockey fight ever [WithLeather]

The Roots Feat. John Legend — “The Fire” [TheSmokingSection]

35 Hilarious Photos From Roller Coasters [Urlesque]

Rating TV chefs [TVSquad]

19 regrettable pop culture tattoos [Fark]

DIY Iron Man repulsor beam [ComicsAlliance]

Darth Vader robbed a bank last week, and I forgot to mention it [Unreality]

More of Darth Vader’s crimes (photoshops) [TheSmokingJacket]

VIDEO BELOW: Just a dog mowing the lawn. [via Reddit]

[Inset pic via JuliaSegal]

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