Two States Just Made It A Lot Easier For Women To Get Birth Control


Women who have been on birth control know how much of a struggle it is to get a prescription, and furthermore how annoying it is to try to get it on a monthly basis. Meanwhile, several states have trying to make it even harder to obtain the sometimes life-saving medicine while simultaneously trying to outlaw abortions entirely. But two states, Oregon and California, have taken a crucial step in making it a lot easier by giving pharmacists permission to write prescriptions. This saves women the extra steps of having to make a doctor’s appointment first. One less person to ask permission!

So rather than making the extra trip to the doctor and paying for that appointment, women in California and Oregon will only have to answer a questionnaire about their medical histories provided by the pharmacist in order to get a birth control prescription. The medication will still be covered by insurance and teenagers will still need to see a doctor first. The new laws were passed by the states’ respective legislatures, and even New Mexico might soon be eyeing a law of their own. Oregon State Representative Knute Buehler told The New York Times:

“I feel strongly that this is what’s best for women’s health in the 21st century, and I also feel it will have repercussions for decreasing poverty because one of the key things for women in poverty is unintended pregnancy.”

And that’s coming from a Republican! Hopefully more states will come on board and make this process easier for women who use hormonal birth control for a variety of health reasons. Eventually, it might be available without a prescription, but this is one very big step in the right direction.

(via MTV News)