Phillies Pitch Perfection!

05.30.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

The ghost of Cy Young is among us, ladies and gentlemen. And he’s possessing the pitchers of Major League Baseball. Not even a month removed since Dallas Braden pitched a perfect game, we have a classic case of déjà vu as Roy Halladay becomes the 20th member of the perfect game club. Laying the smack down on the 27 different Florida Marlins he faced in the nine innings, not even the real Doc Holliday had that much accuracy during his days at the O.K. Corral.

Halladay was a Toronto Blue Jay back when I was in high school for so for him, at 33-years-old, to still be a dominant presence from the mound speaks volumes and volumes for his caliber of player. Not since 1880 has there been two perfect games in the same season and Doc makes the second Philly to achieve such a triumph.

Somebody get that man a Dos Equis.

Halladay’s Perfect Game Is This Season’s Second [ESPN]

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