Philadelphia Police Took A Bizarre Stand Against Drugs With This Old ‘Saved By The Bell’ PSA

“Stupid” and “dumb” are just two words that the cast of Saved by the Bell used in their PSA against the usage of drugs, but they can also prove appropriate for this video which was posted on the Philadelphia Police Department’s official YouTube page. The video above may look very similar to the one that ended one episode of the popular ’90s sitcom, except for one glaring difference… the Head of Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

The PPD are no strangers to re-purposing videos; they previously used a 1991 Sizzler advertisement for their own recruitment purposes, and the result was just as strange. Part of me wants to applaud the PPD for coloring outside of the lines when it comes to their propaganda. The other part of me wants their marketing department drug tested for various strains of LSD. Still, you have to give the PPD some credit for eschewing the typical approach to creating videos such as these even if their effectiveness is close to nil. This video may not convince you to give up drug use, but it sure as hell is worth a replay.