Can You Find The iPhone That’s Hiding On This Rug?

Let’s get one thing straight: This is not a brainteaser with a painfully obvious solution. The picture you’re about to see really does have a cellphone hidden in it. It’s just that it’s so perfectly camouflaged that you could spend hours looking for it and still not find it. Forget all those Waldo books you loved so much as a child. Trying to find an iPhone (hint: it’s facedown) in this picture may just be your new obsession.

The picture was originally posted two weeks ago, but it’s blowing up the Interwebs today, with people all over the world trying to find exactly where Jeya May Cruz dropped the device. Our biggest question? Did she purchase the phone case to match her rug, the rug to match her phone (you know at least one person who would do that), or was it just some kind of coincidence? To that, we’ll probably never get the answer.

Still looking? Don’t worry! This is a hard one. Commenters on Sploid have pointed out that once you see the phone, you can’t unsee it (kind of like “the dress“), but even after seeing the answer, we still can’t find it after looking away.

Can you?

Here’s the solution: