Photoshop Predictions Of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Show What The Film Could Look Like, In Terrifying Detail

Our good friends over at Fark recently ran a contest, asking readers to submit worst-case scenarios for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, due out from Disney in 2015. The results were predictably horrifying (and with Michael Arndt writing the script, unlikely to come true), with depictions of Old Han and Old Chewie, Star Wars: The Meme Wars, and Star Wars Trek: Deep Space Nine somehow looking worse than Revenge of the Sith, yet still superior to Attack of the Clones.
(Related: has anyone rewatched Clones lately? I did last weekend, and it was worse than I remember; it’s the Walmart of movies, with sleek bright lights attempting to distract you from how DEAD everything looks, to say nothing of the rolled up carpet of personality known as Hayden Christensen.)
Anyway, here are some of the best worst mockups, and you can view the whole batch here.