Pictureless Pinterest: Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest Without All The Boring Photos

Women. Be. On. Pinterest. Fellas know what I’m talking about. But what the hell is Pinterest anyway? Every time I get a glance I’m assaulted by boring photos and equally boring comments and the whole thing just seems exhausting. How are we supposed to stay well versed in what our beautiful babies are interested in when everything about it is so daunting?

Enter: Pictureless Pinterest. It’s a new Twitter that highlights “The best of Pinterest without having to look at the pictures.” So now you can get a regular sampling of all the stuff your special lady friend thinks are adorbz without wondering why all the animals aren’t memes and wanting to blow your brains out.

Full, enlargeable screengrab of Pictureless Pinterest below. For the record, I prefer my C-Tates in sepia.

@PicturelessPins Via Pleated-Jeans and The High Definite