A Poor Pikachu Got Straight-Up Tackled And Dragged Offstage At A Pokemon Festival

Have you ever watched something on the Internet and immediately thought, “Is someone pumping drugs into this room? Because what the hell did I just watch?” If not, you are in for a treat today. Nothing will ever be the same after you watch a human-sized Pikachu manhandled off stage by no less than five dudes in Men In Black suits while “You Can’t Stop The Beat” plays merrily in the background. The madness begins at the 1:11 mark but honestly, the entire video is Internet comedy gold.

In case you’re wondering why a herd of Pikachu’s is being forced to dance for our amusement (at least until they crumple with exhaustion and are taken to The Farm™), the display is part of the Pokemon World Festival 2017 that’s currently taking place in Incheon, South Korea. The annual festival is basically an open-air Pokemon Comic-Con, featuring carnival games, exclusive merchandise, free Pokemon for your Nintendo DS, and a parade. Forcing Pikachus to dance is just part of the family fun!

The best part might be around the 4:35 mark though, which is when the deflated Pikachu decides the show must go on and makes a valiant effort to rejoin his fellows for the finale. Things … do not go well.

(via Paul Haine on Twitter)