This Girl Was In For An Unfortunate Surprise When She Used Facebook To Find A Guy She Kissed

Well, just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful idiot who got caught cheating on his girlfriend thanks to the magic of Facebook.

We begin with Pippa McKinney, a 22-year-old woman from Stockport, England, who met a “stunning” guy at what appears to be a club. She unfortunately “took his number down wrong, but would love to get to see him again.” All Pippa knew, however, was that Mystery Guy is from Wythenshawe and that his first name is Matt. So, she asked Facebook: “help anyone haha??”

The post quickly went viral, to the tune of thousands of shares. Pippa eventually found her man after another woman named Bethany Herbert tagged “Emily Grant” to the photo. Who’s Emily Grant? Oh, only Matt’s girlfriend. Pippa wrote, “That gurl just tagged her mate click her and check her couver picture f*ckk sake knew it,” which is British teen speak for every Carrie Underwood song. She added, “Absolute mangey badgers everywhere.”

Pippa continued.

Oh my god cant even believe it .. Knew it would be the case not my fault he told me he was single wouldnt of gone there obviously if i knew he had gf… Knew shouldnt of shared this f*ck sake.

I need a Sunday dinner, its not even funny that poor gurl just got hurt

He shouldn’t be a fool then .. Karmas a c*nt , and this poor girl wouldn’t have known any different if i didnt post this hed of carried on like nothing happened now that taking the piss out someone’s life .

Pippa’s the best. Seriously. And she wasn’t done.

Matt made his Facebook private, but Pippa still messaged him, writing: “told me u was single and now iv hurt your gf .. thought you was decent but obviously a cheat like the rest of them.”

Matt responded: “Can you take this photo down please? I’ve f*cked up, I know it…” You sure have.

(Via Manchester Evening News)

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