The ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Teaser Will Pitch Slap You With Behind The Scenes A Cappella Madness

The Pitch Perfect crew is coming back to theaters this December for a third big screen adventure – this time going on a USO tour after graduating from college – and from the looks of a new teaser trailer the fun hasn’t slowed down both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. The teaser, which is more of an ongoing conversation with all the cast and crew than an actual peek at the plot of the third movie in the franchise.

There are some hints of some of the major goings-on of the film though, with Rebel Wilson being attacked by dogs, the girls getting into trouble on tour, and of course some fierce displays of a cappella. Most of the cast is back with rising stars such as Ruby Rose, industry stalwarts like John Lithgow, and world famous musicians like DJ Khaled joining in on the fun as well.

From the looks of things in this tease, DJ Khaled makes the most of his cameo (or slightly-larger-than-a-cameo guest appearance) but Lithgow was truly one to make the most of his addition to the cast, bonding with the girls as if he too were a Hollywood ingenue singing his heart out alongside Rebel Wilson. Maybe he’ll actually end up doing that in the movie too.