Pixar Fan/National Hero Creates Real-Life WALL-E

08.03.12 6 years ago


Orange Country resident Mike Senna spent the last two years building a life-size, working WALL-E that has to be seen to be believed. Since actual materials, decals and parts from WALL-E don’t exist, he was forced to build the entire thing from scratch and the results would likely make everyone from John Lasseter to Andrew Stanton proud. (Via)

I’ve seen. I believe.

Senna, a computer programmer who previously built an R2-D2 replica to cheer up sick children in hospitals (GIVE HIM ALL THE MEDALS), worked on his WALL-E 25 hours a week for two years. You can read about the entire exhausting process on his Blogspot, and see the finished product below. I really hope that when he finished, he said, “Ta-da.” (That would a double entendre in any situation BUT this one — WALL-E is too pure!)


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