Your Pizza Obsession Led Pizza Hut To Debut A Clothing Line Awfully Named ‘Hut Swag’

Jack Donaghy said, “Research doesn’t lie, unless it’s not what we’re thinking.” So, pizza lovers across the nation must’ve wanted a Pizza Hut clothing line badly because the restaurant chain has delivered.

That “Pizza Is Bae” hoodie you thought about making on TeeSpring that one time is now available for purchase as part of Pizza Hut’s “Hut Swag” collection. Yup, a company whose only job is to know all things pizza is playing catch up and hopping aboard the Internet’s longstanding love affair with pizza by selling pizza-themed apparel. Everything from no-way-that’s-not-cool pizza sunglasses, “Pizza Is My Life” t-shirts, pizza snapbacks, pizza sheets and pillowcases, and other ridiculous “goodies” are somehow still in stock and available to satiate your hunger for kitsch items.

Sadly, Pizza Hut employees are actually banned from clocking in while decked out in any of the company’s mad phat Hut Swag gear, yo. Hopefully that policy changes with the release of their 2018 collection, “Fleek Hut.”

(Via Adweek)