Woman Blasts Her Boyfriend For Stealing Her Debit Card And Ordering $54 Worth Of Pizza

A popular member of Black Twitter was ran off the social networking site on Tuesday after his girlfriend exposed him for being a sneaky thief who loves robbery and fraud. Antoine Lovelace, known to Twitter users as Ecalevol, the Atlanta resident who often tweeted about “protecting black women,” had his mentions in complete disarray following @KolorsofKeish’s tweet that he stole her debit card and ordered $54 worth of pizza.

“You are a piece of sh*t @Ecalevol,” a pissed off @KolorsofKeish tweeted Tuesday afternoon. “You stole my card to order f**king pizza, then left a tip like you balling out of control or some sh*t.” The upset woman also revealed that she didn’t even get to have a slice of all the pizza ordered, “not even a pepperoni!” Just shameful.

Now labelled a scammer all over social media, Lovelace apparently reached out to his girlfriend and told her he’d pay her back on Friday, but the damage has already been done. Lovelace’s fraudulent pizza purchase resulted in Keish’s bank account going into overdraft. “Don’t tell me I shouldn’t have taken it to Twitter when he f**ked my account up,” she continued tweeting. “I have kids.”

So now Black Twitter is having a jolly old time at Lovelace’s expense.

Lovelace has since deactivated his Twitter account.

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