This Is What Happens When You Play ‘Fallout 3’ Entirely As A Baby

If you’ve ever played Fallout 3, you know that there are a few moments at the beginning of the game when you can go back to the carefree, delightful life of being a tiny baby. That quickly changes—you’re an adult before you start shooting at anything—but clever players also quickly discovered a glitch that would allow them to remain a baby forever, thereby becoming the most lethal infant the world has ever seen.

Being a baby, of course, comes with many drawbacks, according to Kotaku, so no one’s attempted to play through the entire game as a child because that would just be tedious and maddening (although the idea of a baby screaming “da-da” after killing something is funny) and you wouldn’t be able to swim right and everyone knows that swimming is hell in video games even if you’re doing it without problems. One brave individual named Bryan Pierre, however, decided to see what it would be like to play the game as a “genius baby who loves guns,” despite the fact that it would also mean the baby wouldn’t be able to outrun enemies or defend itself in any quickfire way.

But listen: someone had to do it. And since it’s not you, the least you can do is watch this dude struggle through the game.

(Via Bryan Pierre / Kotaku)

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