Want To Know What Actually Goes On At Those Infamous Playboy Mansion Parties? Pamela Anderson Just Told All

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09.30.15 2 Comments

You know how people always talk about Playboy Mansion parties on TV and in movies? Wouldn’t you like to know what goes on at one? And wouldn’t it be awesome if the person spilling all those details was someone who was actually rocking it out with Hef on the regular? Pamela Anderson to the rescue. The TV star finally revealed what it was like to chill with the bunnies.

Bro Bible reports that Pam (as we all knew her back when she was in the tabloids every day and graced the walls of every very cool teen into ladies in bikinis) spoke to FHM about her experiences, and they’re a little less wild than you might expect a party full of celebs and nearly-nude women to be. Of course, wild is relative. Here’s what Anderson said about hanging out in the mansion:

The former model and Baywatch actress said it was “all systems firing” when things got extra raunchy at Hugh Hefner’s famous home.

She told FHM: “It was a very sexy time. It was all wild, but respectful.”

“The men were elegant, and you wanted to badly get the most charismatic man to notice you. Girls were everywhere, giggling and laughing.”

…She added: “The sex was amazing, all systems firing. People have begged me for details, but a kiss-and-tell is not my style.”

“I will say, I’ve never been with someone I’m not madly in love with, willingly… but I do fall in love easily.”

Sounds kind of fun. But even if it weren’t, how many of us would go just to say we’d done it? I certainly would. Wouldn’t you?

(Via  Bro Bible, h/t The Mirror)

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