A Playboy Model Is Putting Her Virginity Up For Auction For A Second Time

To recap: Brazilian Playboy model Catarina Migliorini put her virginity up for auction last year, but although she met the winning bidder, she’s still a virgin because “when she went to meet him in a restaurant in Sydney, Australia, he didn’t match the description Sisely gave her. Nor did they ever have sex.” Time for round two.

The Brazilian college student who attempted to sell her virginity through an online auction last year is hoping lightning will strike twice…The bidding ends Dec. 12, but Migliorini said the minimum bid for her to get into bed is $100,000. She told the Brazilian website PurePeople.com.br that her goal is to get $1.5 million. (Via)

It’s like the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try to sell your body for money again.

(Banner via YouTube, via HuffPo)