‘PlayStation All-Stars Island’ Is Not A Joke. We Think.

If you asked me to make up the worst game possible on the spot, a collection of infinite runners with video game franchise characters shoehorned in that’s free-to-play and sponsored would be pretty close. Maybe not up there with Custer’s Revenge: The Revenge, but pretty close.

I bring this up because PlayStation All-Stars Island is a free-to-play mobile game consisting of infinite runners based around Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, inFamous, and Gravity Rush. Sponsored by Coke Zero. Really.

Turned up courtesy of the detectives at NeoGAF, the Zoink Games-developed app sounds, well, terrible:

The Island is divided into 4 zones, with each zone representing one franchise (Uncharted, LBP Karting, inFAMOUS and Gravity Rush) and containing a mini game. All the mini games are based on successful mobile game play and are endless, allowing the player to keep going until they fail. Players are tasked with collecting Coke Zero orbs that are used to unlock special Coke Zero ‘MAKE IT POSSIBLE’ moves. There is one experience bar per mini game, per character and the player must fill all of the board to have all of the special moves.

Scan enough Coke Zero cans and you can play as Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter. Again, really.

Probably what grinds my gears, personally, the most about this is that this will probably be Cole McGrath’s swan song in gaming. Sucker Punch has confirmed that Cole is for-real, completely, utterly, totally dead and won’t be popping up in inFamous: Second Son. Not that I’m opposed to Delsin Rowe, the new guy, but ouch, Sony. That’s harsh.

Apparently this will be on mobile before the end of the summer. We’ll be curious to see how it’s received.