Meet The Gentleman Who Led Police On A High-Speed Chase After Learning To Drive On His PlayStation

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Adam Jones (not to be confused with the Baltimore Orioles bubblegum-loving center fielder) managed to give the police in Skegness, England the surprise of a lifetime. Not only did he lead them on a high-speed chase that reached 100-mph and busted up numerous vehicles, he also never officially took a driver’s test. Instead, he had another method of learning how to operate his motor vehicle in a manner that suited him:

You said you ‘only learned to drive on a PlayStation game.’ You were driving like a PlayStation game. You drove as fast as you could as if in a video or PlayStation game without any care for those around you.

The 24-year-old earned himself 12 months in jail for his risky driving and earned himself plenty of infamy because of his statement to the police. He’s also banned from driving for three years (apparently only on the real-life road, not the virtual one), and he will be forced to take an extended driving test once his ban is complete.

Can you really blame him for giving this a try, though? Who hasn’t thought they can escape from the police after a marathon session playing Grand Theft Auto V? Real life doesn’t have cheat codes, of course, and you’re not likely to survive a crash that flings you a few hundred feet down the road. The good news is that the police in real life are actually less violent than the ones in the game. Likely a surprise for some folks.

(Via ITV / Boing Boing)

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