Please Enjoy Today's Nightmare Fuel Of This Ginormous Snake Eating A Whole Crocodile

A bunch of people vacationing at Lake Moondarra, Queensland over the weekend were witness to an epic five-hour battle between a 10ft python and a crocodile. Spoiler alert: The crocodile lost! Also, these people go on vacation at a place where there exists A) Man-eating crocodiles and B) Man-eating crocodile-eating snakes. NOOOOOOPE. Don’t they have like Sandals out there or some crap? From the BBC:

Tiffany Corlis, a local author, saw the fight and took these pictures, which have been widely used in the Australian media. “It was amazing,” she told the BBC. “We saw the snake fighting with the crocodile – it would roll the crocodile around to get a better grip, and coil its body around the crocodile’s legs to hold it tight.”

“The fight began in the water – the crocodile was trying to hold its head out of the water at one time, and the snake was constricting it. After the crocodile had died, the snake uncoiled itself, came around to the front, and started to eat the crocodile, face-first,” she added.

Ms Corlis said it appeared to take the snake around 15 minutes to eat the crocodile. The snake was “definitely very full,” when it finished, she said. “I don’t know where it went after that – we all left, thinking we didn’t want to stick around!”

If you’re a masochist and so inclined, you can view more photos of the snake eating the crocodile here. BUT DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU. I accidentally clicked on them while I was eating my lunch and almost hurled up half-digested leftover Oscar pizza all over my laptop.

H/T, Gawker