Please Read: A Personal Appeal From These Links

11.26.10 8 years ago

Wikipedia’s Increasingly Angry Pleas for Cash (photoshops) [TSJ]

New red band trailer for Finnish killer Santa Claus movie [Filmdrunk]

Finally, a game with no announcers [

CBS’s all-internet lineup [WarmingGlow]

Still The Greatest Sports Highlight Of All Time [KSK]

T H A N K C E P T I O N [Buzzfeed]

Thanksgiving Seating Chart [CollegeHumor]

25 Games That Need Sequels [UGO]

My, My Samara, How You’ve Grown [Unreality]

A Sweet Old Lady Reads Kanye West’s Tweets [ForkParty]

A gallery of camouflaged animals which is sadly lacking in blender cats [NedHardy]

Video of 24-term Michigan Congressman John Conyers Reading a Playboy on a Plane [BroBible]

VIDEO BELOW: This cat is living the dream. [via B&P]

[Pictures via Urlesque and Reddit]

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