Plunge Back Into Those Hobbit Holes With Another Set Video From Peter Jackson

11.04.11 7 years ago

Around midnight last night, Peter Jackson released a fourth production diary video from the Pinewood Studios (England) set of both Hobbit films, The Unexpected Journey and There and Back Again (coming out December 14th of 2012 and December 13th of 2013). We’ve posted a couple of the previous videos here and here.

This production diary video focuses on how much they want us to know it’s a 3D film shot at 48 frames per second instead of the standard 24 fps. They even did the concept art in 3D on this go around. Jackson also shows off his collection of twenty-four 3D Red EPIC cameras named after his relatives, pets, and The Beatles. Interesting coincidence: I have twenty-four hair dolls named after Peter Jackson’s relatives and pets. And a restraining order.

The production video is below, along with some set photos from New Zealand, including a couple of Elijah Wood as Frodo (also pictured at the right, for reference. We keep it relevant.)

[Sources: Peter Jackson, AICN, Scotchtrooper]

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