‘Plus Size’ Model Iskra Lawrence Is Carving Out Her Own Place In Fashion On Her Own Terms

On the off-chance you haven’t noticed, we’re awfully bullish on ‘plus size’ model Iskra Lawrence around these parts. She’s gorgeous, sharp and has a distaste for bending to the will of outdated fashion industry tropes. What’s not to like?

The 25-year-old Aerie model has no problem admitting she isn’t perfect and that process includes turning the spotlight back on flawed thinking in fashion. Initially told she was “too small” to be a plus size model, but “too curvy” to meld into traditional modeling, Lawrence has traversed a complicated path in her career journey. Along the way, she’s had no trouble calling out the things that the trade tries to keep secret. Realness is her weapon and she’s putting this commodity to use in a big way.

In need of a bluffer’s guide of how Iskra Lawrence is challenging fashion industry norms and providing brain-melting modeling work in the process? Uproxx has got you covered. We’ve put together a 75 second crash course on all things Iskra and how she’s a champion of the “perfectly imperfectly beautiful” traits that are part of the package. Consider her a major player in the no-retouch revolution and she’s definitely got what it takes to make some key changes. Heck, thanks to her change is already in motion.