San Diego Comic-Con’s ‘Pokemon Go’ Panel Was Full Of Boos, Cheers And New Information

The final day of Comic-Con usually passes by in a daze, with some decent info trickling out to fans of “lesser” properties, but 2016 is the year of Pokemon Go and things are different now. The app that’s taken over the world got upgraded to Hall H this year for a fiery panel full of booing Team Mystic and Team Valor trainers.

It was a difficult stream/periscope to watch (seriously, the booing between the two teams was ridiculous), but on-site reporters have been able to share some key information on the future of Pokemon Go from Niantic head honcho John Hanke.

First up, Niantic reiterated that Pokemon Go is nowhere near completion. Yes, trading is coming, but it won’t be out until the game is released around the world and Niantic can make sure the servers can handle the strain (h/t ComicBook for the transcription):

“Trading is not in Pokemon GO today, but it’s something we’re working on bringing to the product. Don’t get too excited – we need to make sure we can keep the servers up first!

We have probably a tenth of the ideas we had when we kicked this project off two years ago in the initial release.”

Teams also finally saw the debut of their Legendaries that represent Team Valor (boos/cheers), Team Mystic (boos/cheers) and Team Instinct (overwhelming boos).

Additional details were finally wrangled from Hanke’s brain:

  • Pokestops are being considered for the game as a place where you can heal your pokemon.
  • Hanke teased more easter eggs that are (currently) in the game which we have yet to discover. “There might be a few other Easter Eggs in there that have yet to be discovered, as well.”
  • Breeding is not being worked on currently, but it’s being considered.
  • A training update is “at the top of the priority list.”
    • Niantic spawns different pokemon around the world, so yeah, travel is going to be necessary if you want to catch ’em all.

Oh, and if you heard about the legendary pokemon being released at SDCC — don’t worry, it was just a rumor.

“If I could summon a Pokemon for you here right now, I would,” Hanke said. “We’re working hard. We haven’t rolled the game out everywhere yet, we’re adding countries every day. We’re gonna get there, but there’s no new Pokemon here today.”

Sources could not confirm if the Legendary spawns were avoided due to the presence of the filthy Team Instinct.

(Via ComicBook)