The Latest ‘Pokemon Go’ Update Removed Third Party Trackers, Now Everyone’s Getting Refunds

07.31.16 3 years ago 5 Comments


The cultural whirlwind that is Pokemon Go may have hit a bit of a snag on its ascent to world domination, all of that because of a seemingly small update to the program that removed certain tracking features. Those tracking features, as it turns out, were a vital part of the game for some trainers and now the game’s player base is upset and demanding refunds.

The latest update for the game may have fixed some nagging issues, but it instead created huge, unforgivable ones and fans feel betrayed, reports The tracking system inside of Pokemon Go has been broken for a while now, with third party sites and services filling the gaps in for players and allowing them to track and find Pokemon with better ease. The developer, Niantic, has gone as far as to completely disable the game’s tracking and start shutting down third party sites, which has fans in a rage.

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