This Polar Bear Petting A Dog Is The Most Tender Thing You’ll See Today


Who would have thought a little global warming could turn penguin-shredding polar bears into tender friends-of-dogs?Churchill, Manitoba is known as the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World‘, and although the Churchill-roaming bear in the tweet below could pop off a human head with one swipe of the paw, it decided to gently pet a dog instead.

The dog even seems to get annoyed with the bear — like a son trying to escape his mom on picture day. “My hair looks fine, I wanted it this way on purpose. You just don’t understand!

The mom in this extended metaphor then backs away, as to not upset her child, and reluctantly watches him walk away. Clearly, the dog is in charge here and the polar bear just wants some love.

We don’t quite know what happened after the dog forced the bear to move backwards. It looks like the leash got caught, which probably made the bear upset. Perhaps it roared, scaring the people filming, then they ran to protect their dog, but the bear was too fast, it lunged forward, flooded with bloodlust and… No. No. It ended sweetly. It has to have. This is a very delicate time in the world, we need this.