Police Investigating The Screams Of A Terrified Woman Relieved To Find A Passionate Pig Orgy

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When a woman in Maine heard screaming and fighting coming from a nearby house, she correctly called the police to investigate. But the sounds weren’t generate by a domestic disturbance. They were the passionate shrieks of the happiest pig on earth:

“The caller reported she heard screaming,” according to an activity log provided by Maine State Police.

Trooper Thomas Bureau, accompanied by three other troopers, went to the house. Bureau spoke to the neighbor, who raises pigs.

“The homeowner stated her male pig was screaming because he was in a pen with five other female pigs in heat,” according to the police report.

Police determined there was no assault (other than what was going on in the pen) and no disturbance (other than the pig’s raucous lovemaking).

Morning Sentinel; Image via Getty

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