Pomplamoose Is Back With A Brand New Mashup Of ‘Royals’ And ‘California Love’

It has been almost nine months since we’ve heard from the hit YouTube cover duo Pomplamoose, and that led many of us fans to wonder if all the fame they achieved from last year’s Hyundai Christmas commercials went to their creative heads. But Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn are back at it this week with their latest one-shot music video that features them covering Lorde’s “Royals,” Tupac’s “California Love” and Beck’s “Loser,” all while using some pretty standard software to create some impressive visual effects.

Quick confession: This video was the first time that I’d actually heard the song “Royals.” Some people have previously told me that they hate it, while others have said they don’t mind it. Unless someone tricks me into hearing it, or I’m in a cab and the driver is blasting the local pop radio station, this will probably still be the only way that I’ve heard “Royals.” I’m fine with this.

As for Pomplamoose, if you’re new to their scene, sit down, pour yourself a nice soda pop and watch all of their videos. At the very least, you’ll leave with a crush on Nataly. At best, you’ll have a new favorite YouTube band.