Poor Crocodile Is Probably Starving Because It Keeps Forgetting To Chomp

Have you ever played that arcade game that’s sort of like Whac-A-Mole, but with crocodiles? You’ve probably played that game thousands of times without ever getting bit.

Those crocodiles are better at crocodile-ing than this croc from Zambia.

According to the Daily Mail, Johan Vermeulan was visiting South Luangwa National Park in Zambia when he managed to capture the above footage of a crocodile trying and failing to eat a warthog. Soon after, it lost its double-or-nothing bet while trying to devour an antelope — BECAUSE IT FORGETS TO CHOMP.

Isn’t that covered in Crocodile 101? Like, if there were a book called “How to Crocodile for Dummies,” I’m pretty sure, “Chomp down you idiot!” would be mentioned in the prologue. While I realize that crocodiles and alligators are different animals, they both gotta eat, and even Gator fans know how to chomp — and they’re from Florida.

(Via Daily Mail)