Fight Club Soap, Sex Panther Cologne, And More Pop Culture Holiday Gift Ideas From Omni Products

Omni Consumer Product’s for real Sex Panther Cologne crossed by my path a few years back and at the time I was all like “WANT” but never actually got around to making 60% of the time work every time. I would happily trade many of the seasonal boxer shorts I’ve received in the time since for a novelty container of used diaper filled with Indian food though. It feels inappropriate to where snowman themed underpants in July.
I’m not sure if Omni (“the future of yesterday, today”) is much in the way of a profitable business, but they do provide a great service to the internet and people who love the idea of fictional products coming to life operating as…

A product development company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a focus on licensing, defictionalization, and reverse-branding.

They first licensed and manufactured the Brawndo energy drink from Mike Judge’s Idiocracy back in ’07 and have since rolled out roughly a product a year, including Fight Club soap that’s on sale now! Here’s a breakdown of all of their good times pop culture offerings. For some reason they just about all contain caffeine, a practice I wholeheartedly approve of.
Omni Products via Laughing Squid
I haven’t been cleaned like that since grade school.
“It’s called Sex Panther by Odeon. It’s illegal in nine countries. Yep. It’s made with bits of real panther, so you know it’s good.”
The product I’d most like to use for standard purposes is unfortunately sold out.
“It’s like a monster truck you can pour into your face.” More awesome fake YouTube ads here.

Last and certainly least, True Blood from True Blood. There’s no way around you being a f*cking weirdo if you buy this.