Pop-Flavoring Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Is The New Planking Or Something

Our friend Jon Defreest is clearly the originator and master of Ben & Jerry’s pop culture variations, but like anything the internet loves and that brings joy to the hearts of Arrested Development geeks everywhere there are bound to be imitators. Kind of like planking, except this requires some talent and isn’t completely retarded.
This morning we received a tip from CableTV.com with a whole slew of new (and mostly clever) Ben & Jerry’s TV flavors that have apparently been brought to life in someone’s local frozen desserts aisle. I suspect it’s all part of a plan to market a site whose purpose seems unclear to me, but Charlie Kelly’s “Slumber Cocktail” is “sprinkled with cat food to help you ignore the cats crying outside of your window all night” so your argument is invalid. Also: heh, Peanut Butter Boner.
Source: CableTV.com