British People Are Aghast Over A Pop-Tarts Tweet That Translates A Bit Differently Over There

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Fashion tends to work in cycles, as every generation inevitably brings back looks from their parents generation or before. As such, the ’90s have been back in full force, and now the youth have revived one of the most iconic accessories of that era.

Yes, the fanny pack is cool again — or perhaps cool for the first time because even in the ’80s and ’90s, fanny packs were arguably never cool. Capitalizing off of this hip trend, on Friday the official Pop-Tarts Twitter account tweeted out a photo of a person wearing a shiny Pop-Tarts branded fanny pack complete with a couple of the breakfast pastries sticking out of it.

“I like my tarts where I like my money,” it Tweeted. “Right in my fanny.”

Okay! Aside from the fact that keeping unwrapped Pop-Tarts in the same place you keep your money seems unsanitary at best, “fanny” is not exactly a universally known term. While “fanny” is informal for “a person’s buttocks” in the United States — in the United Kingdom it’s a vulgar slang for a woman’s private parts. In fact, Brits call the item a “bum bag” over there.

So while it’s eyebrow-raising in the first place that Pop-Tarts is suggesting that one might store them in a “fanny,” British people were straight out spitting out their tea when they caught wind of the tweet, as you can see from some of the funny and horrified reactions below.

This isn’t the first time Pop-Tarts has made headlines for suggestive advertising. A few years back, conservative moms were up in arms over suggestive phrasing in a commercial. Flash forward to 2019 and the brand is basically implying that ladies be cramming Pop-Tarts up their hoo-ha’s. What a time to be alive.