Pope Francis Covers His Webcam In Order To Avoid Hackers

Getty Image

As fears concerning hacking grow in the U.S., others are not taking any chances of getting hacked, including Pope Francis. The leader of the Catholic Church apparently covers his webcam on his tablet, a method used by Mark Zuckerberg to prevent hackers from snooping.

Covering up your webcam has been a popular trend in the tech world. While it may have been a common practice for some time, it earned a bit more recognition after a photo showed Zuckerberg also is a fan of the practice. It’s a common fear that could possibly happen, something Black Mirror capitalized on during its third season.

But it appears the Pope also does not want people to be looking at him. The photo in question, which was taken over a year ago, is just now going viral, showing Pope Francis puts a sticker over his webcam.

The fascination with the Pope being afraid of online hacking did not stop there. It is a bit hard to decipher, but some people were determined to find out what sticker is exactly on the webcam, with some interesting theories being floated around:

But those conspiracy theories were quickly dashed as it was revealed it was simply a sticker of the Vatican’s coat of arms.

(Via Mashable)