New Poppable Pimple Cupcakes Prove Popping A Zit Has Never Been More Delicious

The first step into a bakery can stimulate the senses in a number of ways. Ears pick up the sounds of blenders, the nose gravitates to the sweet smells, and let’s not forget that the inventory’s sole purpose is to taste delicious. But one bakery in California may be turning those notions on their heads.

California-based Blessed by Baking has introduced a new cupcake that you’ll be able to pop. Not like a balloon, but more like a pimple. Well not so much like a pimple, but exactly like a pimple.

Check it out:

The cupcakes were made in conjunction with a local dermatologist who’s famous for pimple popping videos — so be forewarned if you go digging (sorry) around. The bakery created a simple cupcake with a hole in the middle that oozes lemon custard once you pop it. Patrons are then “treated” to an almost realistic interpretation of what it looks like to pop a pimple.

WARNING: Gross video of lemon custard ahead!

It’s a pretty clever idea that people think is either genius or disgusting:

Ridiculous food trends are nothing new, with restaurants and cooks creating them in the hopes of getting a little press. But creating a dermatology-based confection is something new and clever. It looks a tad bit gross, but something deep down is telling us to pop these babies right into our mouths.

(Via Grub Street & Blessed by Baking Instagram)

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