Adult Film Searches For Clowns Are Up Thanks To The Creepy Clown Phenomenon


The spike in creepy clown sightings are just one reason why the year 2016 is a giant flaming bag of poop, but much like Donald Trump, with any luck shortly after Halloween they will no longer be our country’s problem. In the meantime, however, clowns have infiltrated not just our towns and schools, but the dirtiest parts of our brains, according to a new study by Pornhub. With the growing media coverage surrounding creepy clown sightings, the adult entertainment website has noticed spikes in clown related searches.

In one infographic, search data was examined over the past 30 days, and — although clown fetish porn is apparently nothing new — they was a discernible spike in traffic as we ventured into October when clown mania went into overdrive, and overall clown-related searches were up a whopping 213 percent!

Another graphic broke down clown-related search terms by popularity, and incredibly points out what women are more likely than men to search for clown porn.

The most popular search is “clown porn” followed by “clown girl” and “clown gangbang”. The effect of media coverage can be seen with terms like “crazy clown”, “scary clown” and “killer clown” moving above longer-term fetish favorites like “midget clown”, “birthday clown”, “clown feet” and let’s not forget — “clown fart”.

Even after the creepy clown thing is totally passe, can we promise to never forget “clown fart?” #NeverForget #ClownFart

(Via Pornhub)