Pornhub Is Volunteering Plow Services For Some Free Publicity In The Snow-Slammed Northeast

Everyone from Washington DC to Maine is preparing to be snow-bombed by the late season blizzard Stella, and the grocery store shelves are proving it all over the Northeast. Bread, milk, and the most important things of all — alcohol and various brands of ice cream stocked in the freezer. But while many people getting comfortable while the snow piles up outside, many people that live in the Northeast are avoiding the thought of how much shoveling there will be to do over the next few days.

Fortunately for various cities and small business owners bracing for the storm, Pornhub is here to lend a helping hand. While that may sound unorthodox, it’s actually an interesting marketing scheme from the porn site to try and drum up some easy publicity. In Boston and New Jersey, branded Pornhub snow plows will be available on demand for some free help shoveling out parking lots, small business properties, and other areas of certain cities. Unfortunately for those who aren’t excited about shoveling their driveways and walkways out from under two or more feet of snow, the plows won’t be available for personal properties.

This publicity attempt might not pan out as they hope — seeing as the branding might get covered up with dirt and salt after only a few jobs — but it’s a fresh idea that not many companies have tried before (if ever) so it’s worth at least on shot for what will probably be the last major storm of the season. Now people affected by the snow can enjoy Pornhub’s various services whether they are out shoveling a parking lot or snowed in for the next few days.

(via Boston Magazine)