Pornhub Is Employing A Very Unusual (And Sexy) Tactic To Get Pandas Mating For National Panda Day

Giants pandas may have recently gotten off the endangered species list, however their numbers still remain threatened and it doesn’t help that the species exhibits an unusually low sex drive. On average, male pandas spend 16 hours a day eating and the rest of their time sleeping, and as attractive a quality in a mate as that seems — female pandas are only sexually receptive approximately two or three days per year.

That results in not a lot of panda boinking!

Now, an unlikely ally has stepped forward in the challenge to get pandas doing it. Just in time for National Panda Day on March 16, the adult entertainment website Pornhub is launching a new “Pornhub Cares” initiative which invites humanitarians to film themselves having sex “Panda Style” in costumes or makeup and then upload these amateur videos. See, scientists and zookeepers can actually show this content to pandas to help “get them in the mood,” as it may be, but the problem is that apparently there is currently a shortage of quality “panda porn” videos in existence. Additionally, Pornhub will donate $100 for every video uploaded and one cent for every video viewed in this new “Panda Style” category to conservation efforts.

“Considering wood is a main staple of a panda’s diet, it’s especially surprising that they only mate a few times per year, if at all. Thus, in celebration of National Panda Day, we wanted to do our part and help grow the dwindling panda population,” said Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub.

You can learn more about the initiative in the cutesy animated video above, or by clicking on the (safe for work) Pornhub Cares landing page.