Here Are The 5 ‘Pornhub Comments On Valentines’ We Can Share With You Here

I haven’t shared a Tumblr mashup in quite some time because, frankly, they just aren’t what they used to be. Maybe they’re a waning fad, everything’s been done, or the inspiration is simply no longer there. I’m not sure. But I’m happy to announce that today I have one worthy of passing along.

I’m a sucker for the intermingling of porn website commenting with pretty much anything not porn-related, but man do “Pornhub Comments on Valentines” hit me in a comedy sweet spot. It’s funny because the low-functioning comments found on Pornhub are in no way romantic, you see.

Here are the few that I feel comfortable sharing here, in ascending NSFW-ish order. True romantics with no aversion to NSFW text and typos check out the full collection here.

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