Wheatley From ‘Portal 2’ Fits Into The ‘Halo’ Series A Little Too Well


Toadking07 noticed some parallels between two balls of artificial intelligence with homicidal tendencies, Wheatley from Portal 2 and 343 Guilty Spark from the Halo series. To demonstrate, he inserted quotes from Wheatley in place of 343 Guilty Spark’s dialogue in the scene where Master Chief is being encouraged to activate Halo’s defenses. Both Spark and Wheatley fail to mention that activating it would kill all sentient life in the galaxy in order to starve The Flood. Just minor details.

Less a death trap, more a death option.

What Wheatley and 343 Guilty Spark didn’t realize was that The Flood still wouldn’t starve if all sentient life were destroyed:

Assume the Party Escort Submission Position and check out the video below.

[Hat tip and cake so delicious and moist to Kotaku and Jet Girl.]