Portal 2’s Free DLC Is Out Today, And So Is This Fan Film

Nyan you’re thinking with portals.

Later today Valve is releasing “Peer Review”, a free downloadable content pack for Portal 2 players. It includes a new co-op test track for Atlas and P-Body to explore, and also includes a single player and co-op “Challenge Mode” and an online leaderboard for bragging rights. If you get on the leaderboard and don’t have the word “butt” in the name then we can’t be friends. I just can’t hang with people who would turn down an opportunity like that, and there are 23 coin-op arcade games with a Mister A.S.S. on the leaderboard that know I mean business.

In other Portal freebie news, all three volumes of “Songs To Test By” are available for free here. We also have a 21-minute fan made Aperture Science documentary embedded below. “Aperture: A Triumph of Science” was created by Synthetic PictureHaus and is filled with awesome internet in-jokes and Valve game references. It’s written by Ryan Anthony Martin and Nick Celentano with props and costuming by Hunter Wahl and Danielle Anderson. Check it out after the jump, you monster.

[Hat tip, grief counseling, and cake to RockPaperShotgun, TheDailyWhat, and fyeahdementia.]