The Honest Trailer For ‘Portal’ And ‘Portal 2’ Is A Triumph

The confectionery advertised may indeed be a ruse.

Smosh Games and Screen Junkies have narbacular dropped a new video game Honest Trailer. I’ll let them introduce it, and totally not because I’m a lazy sod who would look up walkthrough videos for these games: “From the developer who couldn’t count to three if their lives depended on it, comes two of the best games of the last generation (that you can beat in a single afternoon): Portal and Portal 2.”

Jokes about Valve’s difficulty in counting to three?

I can’t entirely agree with their hate of the “cake is a lie” meme; I still enjoy them when they’re done well. That said, I can’t strongly disagree with any part of this honest trailer, and that song at the end is a huge success.

Stay tuned for a surprise cameo by Vin Diesel. Lookin’ good, plant man!

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Via Smosh Games