Post-Easter Link Roundup

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GIF: Relees teh Kraken! [icanhascheezburger]

Vanessa Hudgens was licking simple white chocolate [WWTDD]

The Greenest Video Games and Video Game Characters From Luigi To Green Day [G4TV]

Hide yo pot, hide yo weed. They arrestin’ everybody around here. (With mug shot) [Fark]

Snooki is ‘Thin’ Now, Mel Gibson Said Words and A Special Holiday Message From Our Lord and Savior [TheSuperficial]

Facebook News Feed History of the World: Big Bang to Humans [CollegeHumor]

VIDEO BELOW: The top half of a cat battles with the bottom half of a cat, which would have been funnier without the stupid sound effects [via TheAwesomer]

[Pictures via TDW and thatsnerdalicious]