Watch This Power Rangers Cosplayer Propose To His Boyfriend In An Adorable Video

There are a lot of proposal videos online, and more popping up every day. But this one, between two Power Rangers cosplayers where one of them thinks they’re just shooting a video showing off their sweet jumpsuits, is one of the most adorable.

The two men in question, James Reese and Anthony Grillo, are cosplayers and fitness experts who primarily have fun with the absolute litany of Power Rangers out there, with some fairly elaborate and exact replicas of some of the more outlandish ones you might have missed if you stopped watching the show back in the grunge era. Mostly we’re just wondering where the heck they store all those helmets. Those things take up a ridiculous amount of space.

Anyway, the video starts like a typical cosplay video, but if you skip ahead to 00:50, that’s where the cute part starts, as Grillo sneaks out the ring and they sent up a circling shot. Needless to say, since the video’s online, Reese said yes. Which now brings us to the question of the wedding, or more specifically what you wear to a wedding between two huge Power Rangers fans. Is there like formal armor combinations? Don’t let your guests down, guys!

(via Kotaku)