The Powerpuff Girls Will Save The Day Again January 20th

One of the early announcements that Cartoon Network was going to be something… a bit different was The Powerpuff Girls. A satire of superhero comics, children’s cartoons, and anime, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup quickly caught on and became a subversive hit. The show went off the air after six seasons in 2005. But it never left our hearts… and now there’s a new special on the way.

The plot is pretty much classic Powerpuff Girls, right down to the title: Dance Pantsed. Here’s a summary, courtesy of Cartoon Brew:

Why is Mojo Jojo kidnapping a mathematician, an opera singer and a badger? To steal Chemical X, of course, and to finally take over Townsville. But when the Powerpuff Girls thwart his plan, he invents an evil video game called “Dance Pants R-EVILution” to control their minds and bodies to fulfill his evil plot! The Professor must visit his dark dancing past to save his girls so they can save all of Townsville!

So it’s essentially The FP, but starring the Powerpuff Girls. We can live with that. By the way, that mathematician? Ringo Starr. In fact, he’ll be singing a song called “I Wish I Was a Powerpuff Girl” as part of the special. Unfortunately, Craig McCracken, who created the concept, doesn’t seem to be involved, but you can’t have everything.

Also up in the air is whether or not the Powerpuffs will be returning to the airwaves on a regular basis. The show’s never stopped being popular, even after the series finale was produced in 2009. But as we’ve noted elsewhere, animation executives are a bizarre bunch. Either way, we’ll just be enjoying what we have, come January 20th.