‘Powers’ Will Officially Return For A Second Season

Thanks to how it was distributed, Powers didn’t really have a chance to capture any attention. But apparently it performed well enough despite its handicap that Sony wants a second season.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Powers is officially renewed and will be hitting PlayStation consoles as well as other Sony products in 2016. The show follows Christian Walker, a former superhero turned mediocre cop, as he tries to navigate the mess he’s made of his life and, of course, the inevitable murders and conspiracies that fester in a world where superheroes are the ruling class and everybody else is cannon fodder.

The first season was actually quite good. It had some problems: After the brutal two-parter in the middle of the season, it took a few episodes to rediscover its focus. Similarly, Susan Hayward didn’t have anything to do for most of the series. But a superb cast, including Noah Taylor, Sharlto Copley, and Eddie Izzard, put it over the top, and its thoughtful consideration of how superheroes would be part of, or rather take over, the world really made it stand out amidst the flood of superheroics on TV this season.

One hopes Sony will make the first season more accessible; although the pilot was streamed for free, you essentially needed a PlayStation to watch the rest. One assumes it will at least make its way to Crackle, Sony’s free streaming service. And hey, if nothing else, we can always use a superhero show with a fresh take. Just give Hayward a plot next season, guys.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)