The Prancercise Lady Is Back With A Friend And Boy Is It Incredible

You remember Joanna Rohrback right? She’s the woman behind the Prancercise phenomenon. She’s the woman with the tightest pair of leggings ever worn. She’s the woman with the most obnoxious camel toe to ever camel toe. Well she’s back folks and she brought a friend. But not just any friend, no sir. She brought her male equivalent, a man with a most enthusiastic bulge.

I would say the video’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, but that would be selling it short. Because this edition of Prancercise has horses and the greenest of grass and tunes. Boy does it have tunes.

Are you familiar with that llama prancing to DMX? Well, here’s a most important remix

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to loop these GIFs forever and ever. So au revoir Prancercise lady. And until next time Prancercise companion with the massive moose knuckle.