A Christian Author Claimed On TV That A ‘Reptilian’ Creature Posing As Her Husband Tried To Have ‘Sexual Relations’ With Her — Until Jesus Intervened

I’ll admit to never having seen The Jim Bakker Show, a “daily broadcast featuring prophetic and Biblical revelations brought to light in today’s world,” but based on the clip going around Twitter this week, I’m guessing Sharon Gilbert is to Jim Bakker as Paul Rudd is to Conan O’Brien. You know something good is going to happen when they guest on the show — except instead of Mac and Me clips, you can expect stories about an alien swapping places with a husband to have “sexual relations.” Mac would never.

On Tuesday, author and Jeopardy! champ Hemant Mehta tweeted, “End Times preacher Sharon Gilbert says that an alien imitated her husband, and then it tried to have sex with her, and then it claimed to be Xerxes, and then Jesus got involved, and then the alien turned out to be a reptile with a posse of gargoyles,” along with a clip from the episode.

Gilbert claimed that one night, after she and her husband Derek got married, “this other Derek appears in our bed. The real Derek is lying down next to me, other Derek sits right up out of him. It startled me.” Gilbert knew “that was not Derek,” so she asked “this critter” what its deal was “because he clearly wanted to have sexual relations.” You’ll have to watch the clip to find out how the critter replied, but don’t worry, the rest of the story involves Jesus, aliens, and “little halfling creatures” that look like gargoyles.