A GIF Reaction To The Preacher Who Accused ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Of Promoting Bestiality

Today in “Seriously, dude?” we bring you Reformation Church pastor Kevin Swanson, who said something suitably absurd about Star Trek Into Darkness on his Generations with Vision radio show. In the past, Swanson’s used his show to call feminists “family-destroying whores” and has said gays would “burn Christians at the stake”, so this newest weird conversation seems tame by comparison.

He said he won’t take his kids to Star Trek Into Darkness because there’s a scene in which Kirk is sleeping in the same bed as two female aliens, and that’s promoting bestiality.

We’re not going to link to his site or embed the audio because AW HAIL NAW, but you can find that stuff over at io9 if ya nasty. Let’s instead just focus on the relevant transcript.

Swanson: Do I really want to take my kids to watch a movie that implicates the good guy in the film as mating with the wrong species- but not just one, but two.
Beuhner: Well you know I could understand that Christians would get upset if it was a male of a different species. No actually, I’m not sure that the bestiality and the homosexuality are really all that different.
Swanson: So uh Dave I said to myself we’re not gonna go see that movie. So, you know, you gotta draw the line somewhere don’t ya? I mean, ay yay yay. And how many Christians asked that question? I actually did a survey, I mean I went on to Google and kind of goggled, you know, Christian sites, I mean I try not to put the wrong kind of wording into the Google search, cause if you do that, you can be in a heap of trouble. So I did a little search, turns out there was a Catholic site, had a little forum discussion on the issue. And nobody brought up Leviticus 18 Dave, and of course the whole premise of this is that within an evolutionary construct there is no real problem with speciation and cross-species mating, there’s no problem with that at all, in fact that’s how you evolve, that’s how you get evolution, and so the end result of course is that evolution has no basic problem with bestiality or cross-species mating. Okay? Now some of you are saying that I can’t believe these guys are saying this on this radio program. I can’t believe I’m saying this either. They are going places where no man has gone before. Or should.

A few points. One, this guy has no idea what evolutionary theory actually is. Two, has he ever seen Star Trek TOS? Spock is bi-species and Kirk shagged every green woman he saw. And three, nobody tell these guys about Doctor Who.

Also, I’ve got to address Swanson’s sidekick for a second. You’re “not sure that the bestiality and the homosexuality are really all that different”? Really? You don’t see the difference between two adults consenting to sex and the rape of a living being who did not or can not give informed consent? Honestly? Stay the hell away from other living beings then. Or admit that you know exactly what the difference is, yet you have so little compassion for rape victims that you’ll equate it with consent and continue about your day as if you aren’t an egregious taintbadger. I don’t have a joke for this. Only rage. Well, rage and GIFs. Lots of GIFs.

[Banner picture courtesy of Paramount via io9. GIFs via Talking To Myself, Brain Confetti, ONTD, Pleated Jeans, and Reddit.]